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Leadership Staff


Our experienced, dedicated staff ensure every child feels special, loved and cared for. This starts from the top!


Dorian Medeiros

Children's Pastor

Dorian received her bachelor’s degree in Social Work and Child Welfare from College of Charleston. Seeking to deepen her community impact with a Christ-centered ministry, Dorian is also pursuing graduate level courses at Baptist Seminary of Kentucky.


God led her to Centerville Baptist Children’s Program, where she stepped into a leadership role in March 2020. Her intention is to serve the children and families at CBC not only through education, but in growing their relationship with God.


Outside of CBC, Dorian enjoys spending time with her husband, an active US Navy service member, and two small children.


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Karen Corwin

 Children's Assistant Director


Karen Corwin began teaching at Centerville Baptist in the fall of 2001 and brings many years of experience to the leadership team.


A mother of 4, Karen enjoys spending her free time traveling with her husband, Mike, and children, concert going with her youngest,  cheering on her daughter-in-law as she runs marathons across the world, and relaxing outdoors with her dogs. 

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Keri Clark
Children's Assistant Director


Keri graduated from Loyola University with a Bachelor’s in Education and minor in Special Education and then went on to complete her master’s degree at Loyola in the years following. Her expertise in special education and wealth of experience brings a unique gift to our administrative team. 

Keri enjoys spending her free time with her two children and her husband, who is active duty military. 

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Kevin Ritter & Brian Harfst
Pastor & Equipping Pastor


Pastor Kevin began serving Centerville Baptist in July of 2009. Fun Fact: Pastor Kevin serves on the Board of Trustees at Sophia Theological Seminary.

Pastor Brian began serving Centerville Baptist in the fall of 2011. Fun Fact: Pastor Brian is the Director of Coaching at Integer Network. 

Pastor Kevin and Pastor Brian lead the children in a lively praise and worship time in the church sanctuary that includes a Bible story, prayer, music, and high fives! 

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